One time Jimbo was coming to visit me and I said HEY LETS GO HIKING and he's like HEY I KNOW THIS SPOT so I looked it up and guess what they found a body there so I'm all like HEY #TrueCrime, but also is Jimbo actually the serial killer and not BDubs?

I have a headache

I drank pinot-noir-in-a-can last night

Cheeseburger Dream Journal Ep 1

Last night I had a dream I was at a country club and my brother all of the sudden frantically whispers to me "Kevin Bacon! Kevin Bacon!" and I'm like "Huh?" and he's like "Kevin Bacon right over there" and then I turn around and see Kevin Bacon walking towards me and because I recently resolved to say something to the next celebrity I see I said "Kevin Bacon! What's up my dude?" and  then Kevin Bacon stopped in his tracks and looked aghast and then turned around and ran away.

Jessica's Feelings Corner Pt. 1

Everyone in the squad knows that I have a lot of feelings about a lot of things. In this first post within the Jessica's Feelings Corner series I'd like to express a few of these feelings using one of my favorite outlets: an acrostic poem.

Scrogedy (tm)


Stahp It Now